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Dear Sir or Madam:

David, the greatest king of Israel did not have opportunity to build a house for the Lord, but that didn’t keep him for enthusiastically supporting Solomon’s effort to do so.  Beyond that, David charged others to give willingly.  AND THEY DID GIVE—freely and wholeheartedly.  At Murdock! The CHAPEL at Pike Road, we are commencing to build! And we are encouraging your enthusiastic support of our Build!

Are You 1:1000 Who Will Cheerfully Give $30(or more) And Receive Permanent Recognition on our Wall of Remembrance in our New Bell Tower @ The CHAPEL?

Send no money now but make your pledge today!

Complete the donor pledge form below.  It will be forwarded to The CHAPEL!

As you make your pledge, would you consider ‘lending your name’* and a list of potential donors to our effort?  Members of your church, your family, and your friends – that you know have a mind to advance God’s kingdom.

With your permission, we’ll contact them, tell them about your pledge, and invite them to do the same. As they respond, their names will appear alongside yours in our bell tower—a permanent testimony to the generosity of God’s people.

With your help we’ll be that much closer to reaching our goal of 1000 donors. So hurry and submit that list below!

Accept our thanks in advance,


Pastor of Murdock! The CHAPEL @ Pike Road

*Your name will appear in card sent to your donor list*

Lend Your Name Pledge Form

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