This Week's Announcement

Christmas Worship & Brunch

8 AM Sunday, December 23, 2012

Plan to be in attendance and bring ALL your family and guests with you!

Advent & Christmastide 2012

“A Season of Spiritual Renewal”

Join us Beginning Sunday, Dec. 3rd!

Weekly Lighting of Advent Candles

10:30 AM Dec. 2, 9, 16

8 AM Dec. 23

Weekly Communion

10:30 AM Dec 2, 9, 16,

8 AM Dec 23

Advent Preaching Series

Theme: Spiritual Renewal “Releasing the Yokes”

Christmas Worship/Brunch

8 AM Dec 23

New Year’s Eve Event

6-9 PM Dec 31

Burning The “Yester-Yokes” – Claiming Bright Tomorrows!

Potluck to Follow

December is "Yoke Release" Month in 9th District

We are duty bound to release all that has held to release our “yester-yokes” and claim a brighter tomorrow! Weekly sermons, bible study, and Holy Communion, as well as a New Yearʼs Eve Event will be focused on healing and deliverance.

YWI- Young Women's Initiative and WMNS

We are spearheading Christmas drives in addition to our Food Baskets; see Cheryl Green and Mia Cole for details.                

December 2012 Duties and Meetings

Trustees On Duty

1st Sunday- Eddie Smoke / 2nd Sunday- Fred Brown /
3rd Sunday- Rhonda Carstarphen / 4th Sunday-Thomas Watford /
5th Sunday – Kenneth Wiggins

Sunday School Teachers On Duty

Youth: Cheryl Green, Mia Cole
Adults: 1st Sunday- Richard Bowden / 2nd Sunday- Frederick Jiles / 3rd Sunday- Douglas Brown / 4th Sunday- Bro. Tom Watford / 5th Sunday-Cheryl Green
Sunday School–-Each Sunday @ 9 AM

Praise Team AND Choir Rehearsal

7PM Thursdays

Womenʼs Missionary Society

Every Third Thursday @6:30 PM

Weekly Bible Study

Wednesday Nights 7 PM

Make up your mind to attend and equip yourself to live a more abundant life!

Our Daily Bread Meditation

Mon.-Fri. 7:15 AM 7 PM Sat. 7P & Sun. 8P

@ 605.475.4350, Access Code 544.2816#.

Sick & Shut In

Please continue to pray for and visit (or call) our known sick and shut in: Mrs. Earnestine Tharps, Bernice Green, Ken Wiggins, Barbara Oates