This Week's Announcement

Campaign 30-30-30 is set to launch THIS FRIDAY!

January 17

Your potential donor list is due TODAY. Go to the 30-30-30 Campaign Pledge Form page today! Complete your Pledge form and submit names of potential donors. 

Here We Grow, AGAIN!

Welcome Amani and Maiam Ibrahim to The Chapel!

Women's Ministry

The WM will hosts Quarterly Gathering.

Saturday, Feb. 2, 11 AM

Brunch will be served, and the bible study will emphasis women from The Story.

On the day before, a 12 hour Prayer Vigil will be held in the home of Dr. Barbara Ferguson.

Women are asked to come and go as the Lord leads, participating in fasting and prayer that God will do an extraordinary thing for the women attending the Brunch on Saturday! See Pam, Rhonda or Barbara for details.

Church and Quarterly Conference Held

A called Church and a called quarterly conference was held last week to reaffirm our intent to borrow funds and mortgage our property in support of the build.

Today we will reaffirm that unanimous agreement and keep the letter of the law, as per our Discipline.

Weekly Bible Study

Wednesday Nights, 7 PM

Make up your mind to attend and equip yourself to live a more abundant life! This week: Chapter 14, The Story.

Our Daily Meditation for The Story | 6:30 AM 7:15 AM 7 PM 8:30 PM 9:30 PM Mon. - Fri.

Prayer Calls | Sat. 7 PM and Sun. 8 PM

@ 605.475.4350, Access Code 544.2816#.