This Week's Announcement

Thanks to all who traveled to St. Peter AME Church

Thank to all who traveled with Pastor last Sunday to St. Peter AME Church, you were a great encouragement to me (Pastor) and to St. Peter.  ~ Pastor Watford

Women's Ministry - Saturday, February 2, 11:00AM

Women's Ministry will hosts quarterly gathering on Saturday, Feb. 2, at 11am.  Brunch will be served, and the bible study will emphasize women from the Thy Story.  In preparation for Saturday, a 12-hour Prayer Vigil will be held in the home of Dr. Barbara Ferguson on Friday.  Come and go as the Lord leads.  Participate in fasting and prayer that God will do an extraordinary thing for the women attending the Brunch on Saturday!  See Pam, Rhonda or Barbara for details. 

YPD - Annual Leadership Training Institute

YPD will travel to Mobile, Saturday Feb.16 for Annual Leadership Training Institute (LTI).  Sunday, January 27 is the LAST DAY to commit to travel. 

Murdock! the CHAPEL Basketball Team

Did you know?  We have a basketball team in the area church league that represents for THE CHAPEL!  Make every effort to support the team by attending their games. 

Our Daily Meditation for The Story

Our Daily Meditation for The Story

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 6:30AM, 7:15AM, 7:00PM, 8:30PM, 9:30PM 



CALL: 605-475-4350,  ACCESS CODE: 5442816#


Please continue to pray for and visit (or call) our known sick and shut in:  Mrs. Earnestine Tharps, Bernice Green, Mamye VanCleve and Barbara Oates.

Weekly Bible Study

Wednesday Nights, 7PM, Weekly Bible Study.  Make up your mind to attend and equip yourself to live a more abundant life!  This week:  Chapter 14, The Story.