Bridge to Tomorrow

Capital Giving Campaign

"Not Equal Gifts, but Equal Sacrifice…

As We GROW from great to GREATER!"


Dear Sir or Madam:

The members of Murdock! The CHAPEL @ Pike Road are forging a Bridge to Tomorrow.

We are not delusional! We are people of faith. Faith calls things that are not as though they were. Over 100 years ago, God planted a church in the Merry/Mt. Meigs Community of present day Pike Road, AL, for the sole purpose of kingdom advance. God's purpose has not faltered, but our 106 year-old structure has.    We are duty-bound to rebuild to meet the needs of our growing 21st century congregation.
We are not delusional!  This God-sized project exceeds our current reality to date of just under $500,000 in cash and pledges. Therefore, must identify partners in this endeavor, partners who fit a most unique profile.

  • Our partners will be of the mind that kingdom advance trumps every rational reason for not supporting our project.
  • Our partners will give cheerfully and not of necessity, because God loves a cheerful giver.
  • Our partners will give with little or no expectation of a tangible return, except perhaps a tax write off for a charitable contribution.

We are not delusional!  Where God guides, God provides – and often through others! Therefore, we are compelled to ask:  Are you a potential partner?

  • Patrons | Up to $99
  • Silver Partners | $100 to $249
  • Gold Partners | $250 to $499
  • Diamond Partners | $500 to $999
  • Platinum Partners | $1000 and above

Whether you are a self-designated partner or not, we thank for your time and careful, prayerful consideration. Give cheerfully.  Give often. Be a partner with a genuinely altruistic motive: to advance God’s kingdom, by supporting God’s work at The CHAPEL.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Bowden                                         

Bridge to Tomorrow Campaign Chairperson

(Rev. Dr.) Letitia Watford                                                                         

Pastor, Murdock! The CHAPEL @ Pike Road

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